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September 16, 2021: Plant of the Week- Shepherdia canadensis

Shepherdia canadensis- Russet Buffalobery, Soapberry

Shepherdia canadensis, or Russet Buffaloberry/ Soapberry is a deciduous shrub that can grow from 6-8 ft tall, and is found in dry, open areas from sea level to mountains! This shrub grows best in dry to well drained soil in full to partly sunny areas. The bark is brown and scaly, while the foliage has grayish, green leaves with white hairs and rusty spots on the underside of the leaf. The flowers are yellow to brown with no petals that bloom May through July. The fruit this plant produces are yellow to red, round fruit with one seed or pit in the center. This shrub is a great addition to your yard with the berries being a great pop of color, and is loved by lots of wildlife. Traditionally, the berries were eaten and cooked into syrups or whisked into a froth as they are very bitter tasting.

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