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NEW PLANTS we have not had in inventory before

Along with our new plant arrivals are several plants that we have never had before and are quite excited to be able to offer! They include the following evergreen shrubs, Ceanothus ceneatus (Buck Brush), which grows up to 6 feet tall and has pale blue flowers, and Chrysolepis sempervirens (Bush Chinquapin) which grows up to 7 ft tall and has yellow flowers. We also have two new perennials, Calyptridium umbellatum (Pussy Paws) which can tolerate even the most inhospitable conditions and grows up to 2 feet tall with white flowers, and Wyethia amplexicaulis (Mule-Ears) which grows up to 32 inches tall and sends up numerous yellow flowers. The young plants are pictured below. Look forward to seeing you soon! Also please note that we are now closed on sundays.
-The team at Plantas nativa