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National Pollinator Week

Its National Pollinator Week (June 19th-25th)! National Pollinator week is an annual celebration in support of pollinator health! The timing is perfect as well as many perennials are bursting into flower! What plants do you have in your garden to help celebrate and promote pollinator health?! What is your favorite pollinating plant?! The staff at Plantas nativa have several favorites including Sidalcea hendersonii (Checker Mallow), all the spectacular native Delphinium species, and Frangula pershiana (Cascara) which is absolutely abuzz while flowering. Please share any pictures you have of your favorite pollinating plants, bonus points for images with pollinators in action!! Pictured here are several different pollinators gathering pollen from Erigeron speciosus (Showy Fleabane) and Philadelphus lewisii (Mock Orange) which they will transport to other flowers to enable pollination to occur.
-The team at Plantas nativa.