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Physocarpus capitatus - Pacific Ninebark

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Height: This deciduous multi stemmed shrub can grow up to 12 ft. tall.

Habitat: Grows best in wet to dry soil in full to part sun.

Foliage: Alternate, oval, lobbed, toothed, veined, green leaves.

Flowers: Small, white, 5 petal flowers form in round ball shapes at the end of branches in May through June.

Fruits: Shinny, red pods that turn brown and break open when dry to release its seeds.

Bark: Dark brown shredding or pealing bark that has lighter brown underneath.

Natural Habitat: Found in moist woods to swamps.

Why is it good for my garden? Grows well in moist areas and is great for rain gardens. Ninebark’s multi- stemmed nature creates a graceful and arching thicket, perfect for a mixed hedgerow or a natural, wooded area to attract birds and can be a protected refuge for nests. The extensive root system can provide excellent stability for erosion control.

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