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Crataegus douglasii - Black Hawthorn

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Height: Deciduous large shrub or small tree that grows to 30 ft. tall and has thorns.

Habitat: Grows best in full to part sun in moist to well-drained soil. Will tolerate drought and flooding.

Foliage: Oval, dark green, shiny, deeply serrated leave and sharp thorns 1⁄2-1 inch long. New leaves have a pink or red edge to them.

Flowers: Large clusters of white 5 petal flowers that bloom in May through June.

Fruits: Edible purplish-black berries that can make tasty pies and preserves.

Bark: Reddish brown new growth bark will turn gray with age.

Natural Habitat: Found in thickets or forest openings.

Why is it good for my garden? The hardy hawthorn has deep roots that can help stabilize soil, which can make it desirable for restoration. This tree also attracts birds, butterflies, and ladybugs into the garden, the latter of which will keep unwanted pest populations under control. The shrubby, hedge-like shape of this plant also means it makes for a great natural barrier.

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