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Betula papyrifera - Paper Birch

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Height: This deciduous tree can grow from 50 to 75 ft. tall.

Habitat: Grows best in full to part sun in moist to well drained soil.

Foliage: Alternate, ovate, 1-5 inches long and 2-4 inches wide; doubly serrated margin; dull green in color above and paler and hairy on underside. Leaves turn bright yellow to red in fall.

Flowers: Yellow to green catkin (drooping cylindrical flower cluster).

Fruits: Brown samara (seed surrounded by papery wings to help it fly in the wind)

Bark: Attractive white, peeling papery bark. White and usually bright with flaking in fine horizontal strips and small black marks and scars; trees under five years of age typically have bark that appears brown with white lenticels.

Natural Habitat: This tree has a wide range and is a pioneer species. Found in open to dense woods or typically in well-drained areas, though sometimes in bogs and other wetlands at low to middle elevation.

Why is it good for my garden? The Paper Birch is a popular landscaping tree. This tree works well as a single specimen or grown in clumps of trees. In autumn, the leaves turn shades of yellow, orange, and red, brightened by contrasting white bark.

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