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Dicentra formosa - Pacific Bleeding Heart

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Height: This perennial can grow to 18 inches tall and grows by rhyzomes.

Habitat: Grows best in moist to well drained soil in full to part shade but can adapt to most areas.

Foliage: Deeply divided light green leaves are fernlike and growing from the base of the plant.

Flowers: Nodding pink, red, or whitish, heart shaped flowers bloom in clusters at the top of leafless, fleshy stems above the leaves from March through July.

Fruits: Plump, pointed seed pods form out of the center of each flower.

Natural Habitat: Found in moist woodlands in North America.

Why is it good for my garden? This romantic flower adds beauty with its dangling heart-shaped flowers. If it does go dry in the summer, it will go dormant and flower again the following year, otherwise, it may flower multiple times throughout the season. Bleeding hearts are a rock garden plant that grows best in damp places with partial shade. Companion plants include: fringe cups, wild ginger, meadow rue, and columbine.

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