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Abies grandis - Grand Fir

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Scientific Name: Abies grandis

Family: Pinaceae

Height: can reach 150’ tall; 40-80 m

Preferred Habitat: dry to moist coniferous forests in rainshadow areas, usually found with Douglas-fir; river flats to fairly dry slopes; low to moderate elevations

Tolerates: drier soils; course to medium soil textures;

Foliage: needles vary in length from 5/8” to 1” long and lay flat along the stems; sprays of needles found in two lustrous and distinct rows; needles typically spread horizontally; has a citrusy fragrance

Fruits: erect cones occur at the top of mature trees

Bark: brown-grey fissured bark with resin blisters filled with sap.

Why is it good for my garden?

Grand fir can be a great ornamental as it is a symmetrical evergreen and very popular as Christmas trees. This tree has value in plantings in recreational areas and urban sites.

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