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Heracleum lanatum (maximum) - Cow Parsnip

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Height: This clumping perennial can grow to 8 ft. tall.

Habitat: Grows best in full sun and moist soil.

Foliage: Huge, green, lobed, toothed leaves.

Flowers: 6 ft. stocks have umbrella shaped clusters of small white flower.

Fruit: Brown seed heads appears after the flowers are gone.

Bark: Long, hairy, grooved, hollow stocks. Can be used for straws.

Natural Habitat: Found in moist areas from meadows to edges of forests.

Why is it good for my garden? This plant is attractive with its large leaves and pretty flower and seed heads. Hair on plant can cause skin irritation and if you have a dog this can hurt their noses if they sniff around the large plant. Part of the carrot family this plant was traditionally used for food. Birds enjoy the seeds in the winter. Friendly reminder the carrot family has some of the deadliest plants to ingest in it, do NOT eat anything from this family unless you know exactly what it is.

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