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Grindelia integrifolia - Coastal Gumweed

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Height: This perennial can grow from 1 to 4 ft. tall and has a long tap root.

Habitat: Grows best in full sun in dry to moist soils.

Foliage: Lance shaped, toothed, green leaves that are sticky because of a resin they produce.

Flowers: Yellow daisy like flower with yellow center is sticky and when first forming looks like it has a sticky coating on it.

Natural Habitat: Found in salt marshes, wet meadows, beaches, rocky shores. You can see some locally at Gooseberry Point at the ferry terminal.

Why is it good for my garden? Gumweed is a bright splash of color to add to any garden. Since it will tolerate most soils it is an easy plant to grow. Pollinators enjoy this plant. Gumweed grows along beaches so will tolerate salt spray. As the name implies this plant has a sticky texture to it, this resin was used medicinally by many Tribes.

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