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Carex amplifolia - Bigleaf Sedge

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Height: This perennial sedge can grow to 4 ft tall. Big leaf sedge spreads by rhizomes (through the root system underground).

Habitat: Grows best in moist soil and full to part sun.

Foliage: Large broad leaves extend out of a reddish triangular shaped stem. These leaves will fan out away from flower spike.

Flowers (Inflorescence): Green to brown spikes extend upward from bace and will overlap with 4 to 8 spikes per clump.

Fruits: This sedge produces seeds.

Natural Habitat: Found in swamps or bogs and most wet places.

Why is it good for my garden? The big leaf sedge is great for stabilizing your soil in wet areas. Seeds are eaten by birds so it will attract wildlife to your garden.

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