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Achillea millefolium - Common Yarrow

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Height: Rhizomatous perennial that grows up to 3 feet tall.

Habitat: Grows best in well-drained soil in full to part sun. Very drought tolerant.

Foliage: Feathery aromatic narrow green leaves; evenly distributed along stem; varying degrees of hairiness; larger leaves located at base of stems; 5-20 cm long; arranged spirally on stems.

Flowers: Flat dome shape heads formed from clusters of 15 to 40 tiny disk white to pink flowers; generally 3-8 ray flowers are ovate to round; usually bloom from July to October.

Natural Habitat: Temperate regions of North Hemisphere; common in mildly disturbed soil of grasslands and open forests.

Why is it good for my garden? This perennial has a strong, sweet scent similar to chrysanthemums and makes for a great ornamental, suiting a variety of garden climates and styles. Common Yarrow is frequently a component of butterfly gardens. It can also be a useful companion plant, as yarrow will repel some insect pests while attracting good predatory insects. Sometimes yarrow is planted for improving soil quality as its leaves are good fertilizer and a beneficial additive for compost. Additionally, yarrow is considered to be beneficial to other plants by improving the health of sick plants when grown nearby. Yarrow has been used in the past medicinally. This native herb has a natural blood clotting agent in it.

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