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Acer glabrum - Rocky Mountain Maple

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Height: 30 feet tall deciduous shrub or small tree.

Habitat: Grows in well drained soil, sun to partial shade but can adapt well to most location with proper watering.

Foliage: Opposite green symmetrically lobed (usually 3 but up to 5 lobes) and coarsely tooth leaves that turn a stunning bright yellow to orange in fall.

Flowers: Small yellowish-green flowers appear April to June spring followed by winged seed pods

Bark: Trunk up to 20-30 cm in diameter. Younger stems are reddish, turning greyish with age

Natural Habitat: often grow with Pondersoa Pine, Douglas-fir, and Quaking Aspen; dry ridges to moist but well-drained seepage sites; along shoreline, rocky areas, forest edges, and

Why is it good for my garden? This shrubby small tree is sometimes used to improve wildlife habitat, stabilize slopes, and planted in gardens as low-maintenance landscaping. Rocky Mountain Maple works well as an ornamental with striking red bark with light green leaves that turn a brilliant red in autumn. White-breasted Nuthatch like to eat bugs out of the bark of this plant.

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